Welcome to the neighbourhood!


What is cohousing?

Here is a paragraph about cohousing

What is this site?

We help you on your cohousing journey.

Cohousing can be challenging in two ways:

  • understanding and navigating the legalities and details involved in undertaking a property development
  • navigating and resolving group issues as you work together towards a common goal

On this site you will find lots of free stuff:

  • resource links
  • worksheets
  • getting started videos
  • blog about my own cohousing journey where you can learn from my mistakes, challenges and successes
  • Sign up to cohousing connector: if you are interested in getting involved in a cohousing project, want to hear about projects underway, tours etc, or get latest info on workshops related to cohousing (?? too much work I think)

Services we offer:

  • face to face workshops on how to get it done
  • cohousing creator online game
  • online coaching
  • group process training, including sociocracy, difficult conversations and conflict resolution


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  • worksheets
  • advanced videos